IMG_5233Caterina Capelli is a self-taught jewelry designer. After working for 10 years behind the scenes for prestigious fashion houses, she launched her eponymous label in 2013. The same skill of continuously inventing new complex techniques, that has made her so loved by her famous clients, finally combines with her fantastic imagination and together create a totally original project in which Caterina reinterprets the making of jewelry itself in her own very personal way.  Embroidered, assembled and then often painted, each jewel is experienced by Caterina as a unique piece, a tiny ode to joy and to the original italian creativity.

Doughter of a painter and of a toys decorator, she spent her childhood feeding her own imaginary world, made up of dolls that she built with her hands, vintage books and and old Hollywood movies. She grew up in a stimulating environment and cultivated as a child those same passions that keep on motivating her work nowadays: just as then she seeks inspiration in art, cinema, costume history and pop culture.

Despite her volcanic creativity, however her career as a fashion designer began by accident while she was still studying philosophy at the University of Bologna.  In 2003, just when she had put aside any artistic ambition to focus on intellectual activity, the jewels that she likes to create for pleasure caught the attention of the founder and creative director of the accessory company Radà, Daniela Ravaioli, who offered Caterina a job as a designer in her team…

The collaboration with Radà still continues, along with a number of creative experiences to which Caterina’s free spirit does not want to give up. From the collaboration with other fashion companies such as Sissi Rossi and ExquisiteJ, to her work as an illustrator or costume designer, up to her commitment as an organizer of Artevento International Wind Art festival, every experience becomes an essential piece in the formation of her eclectic personality.

Caterina Capelli style is immediately recognizable by the irony of the subjects she chooses and by the excellent design of the embroidery that she realizes with the same ease as if she were drawing freehand on a sheet of paper. By using original processing techniques of her own invention, she assembles rhinestones, glass, chains, beads and pearls in hand-stiched intricate structure that assume from time to time the features of animals, vegetables or everyday objects.

In 2005 the originality of her jewels captured the attention of Moschino’s creative director Rossella Jardini, and Caterina started working for her favourite italian fashion house. For several Seasons her jewels and funny hats appeared in the Moschino fashion shows and her signature is clearly recognizable in the sparkling rhinestones flower and animal brooches, in the jewelry inspired by the character of Olive Oyl and in the glamourous accessories reminiscent of the beloved American costume jewelry of the ‘40s and ‘50s.

In 2013 simultaneously with the launch of her eponymous collection, Caterina began to create jewelry for the fashion designer Stella Jean.

In 2015, while her newborn jewellery collection is already distributed not only in Italy, but also in Armenia, China, Germany and Japan, Caterina feels already curious to face a new adventure and launches an extravagant collection of clothings which express once again her playful spirit and her strong identity.